Do you want to feel:

  • Empowered?

  • Vitality?

  • Fearless?

  • Approachable?

The Message of Color will help you understand how the colors that surround you and the colors that you wear communicate without saying a word.

Why Hire a Color Practitioner?

You Are More Than a Seasonal Color

A Color Practitioner can do more than just tell you what colors look go on you. We can help you feel and look healthier.

Physical Coloring Changes Every 7 to 9 Years

The climate, sun, pollution and cosmetics take a toll on our complexion and appearance. We naturally lose pigment as we age. A stressful lifestyle and lack of sleep also influence our physical appearance.

The Best Colors Empower You

The best colors for your personality and skin tone will empower you and create confidence. By understanding the influence of color you will save time and money developing a wardrobe that is specifically geared to your lifestyle.

Create Balance & Harmony

Applying color energy brings out your true essence and beauty. Your personality and the colors that surround you will align to create balance and harmony in your wardrobe and lifestyle.

What Our Clients Say

I had the privilege of receiving a "Divine Colors" session from Julietta Brothers. I learned a great deal about myself from this, including some things that I knew at a gut level, but had never heard described in detail. I learned more about my purpose here and how the colors that influence me are present in many aspects of my life. I highly recommend Julietta!
John V
The workshop was very informative.
Loved the affirmation of my colors and learning the meanings of other colors!
There is much more power in color then I knew. Interesting to hear about all the colors, even those I’m not drawn to naturally. Helps me understand other people.
This opened a whole new concept of life and energy. I loved it!
If you have ever wondered just how all this color stuff works, the impact it has on what you wear and what people think of you, you are in the right hands.  I worked with Julie and it blew me away how much she knew as well as how good she is at pinning down the perfect color for you given almost any situation.  It really was mind blowing to see it all come together. What I have gotten is priceless and I would highly recommend her process to anyone who is looking for something they can use literally every single time they walk out the door.
Michael Rocque, CPC/ ELI-MP
Life/Mindset Coach
Colors that are designed to help you be your best in every kind of situation -- wow.... What a concept!  Although I have had my colors analyzed several times before, what Julietta offers is a definite upgrade and can't be compared to what in the past has been called "color analysis."   Nuanced and knowledgeable, Julietta brings a joyoful curiosity to the color session.  She swiftly provides a wide range of choices with the rationale behind it.  I especially liked her taking a picture of my hand to determine skin tone.   A session with Julietta is a fun idea for a group gathering or individual session anytime of the year!
Tricia E. Gosling
Holistic Energy Therapies, LLC

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