It’s time for spring and summer greening!

It seems it has taken an extra- long time for the grass to wake from its brown winter slumber.  The sun and rain have painted Michigan in a sea of green. If you are feeling like many of us, that spend the winter in snow and cold, the greening of grass, trees and bushes is a refreshing site.

Green is the color of hope, health and renewal.  It represents the life force and balance. It is also said to attract abundance, good fortune and stability. Maybe that is why we think our green US currency is a path to prosperity. The negative aspects of green are stubbornness, possessiveness, and defiance. Being “green with envy” certainly reflects the undesirable side of green.

True green is the perfect balance of yellow and blue, but green comes in many combinations of these two primary colors. A deep rich forest green creates a sophisticated comforting image. Can you smell the pines? A bright lime green lingers with the hint of citrus on a sunny afternoon.  The varieties and combinations of green can set a mood and add touches of freshness to a room or a fashion palette.

It is believed that Robin Hood and his band of men wore Lincoln Green for camouflage and to symbolize a life of vigor. Green was a highly prized dye and very expensive so only the wealthy could afford the luxury of “gaudy green”. The truth of the green attire was a way for the legendary Robin Hood to poke fun and show stealing from the wealthy of Nottingham clothed the poor.*

If you are choosing to add green to your fashion palette it may be sending the message that you are a stable, efficient, problem solver that is persistent and hard working. But remember green comes in many values and intensities. The color green can add brightness to your eyes and complexion or it can drain the healthy rosy glow from your lips and cheeks. Green from head to toe may give the impression of distrust or deceitfulness. Splashes of green can add a burst of life and vitality to any wardrobe. So plan your green purchases carefully and learn what colors of green complement you and your lifestyle.

One way to determine your personal color palette is to schedule a color consultation. Please give me a call, or email me for a personal color analysis and wardrobe evaluation today.

Julietta Brothers
The Message of Colors

*From COLOR, A Natural History of the Palette, by Victoria Finlay