Why hire a color practitioner/ The Message of Color

Why would you use or need a Color Practitioner?

  • Are there transitions happening in your life that have made you rethink how you feel and look?
  • Does a career move peak your interest or are you re-entering the world of work?
  • Are you looking to make changes in your lifestyle?
  • Do you find that you purchase clothing and accessories that you never wear?
  • Do you spend money on the latest decorating trends but don’t feel comfortable or like the purchase after you get it home?

The Message of Color can assist you in understanding how color plays a role in transformation:

  • To communicate without saying a word
  • How to use color energies to help you feel calm, build vigor, and create balance
  • Ways to impact your world and the world around you using color
  • What colors work best for you in your wardrobe, workplace and home
  • How learning to use your best colors can help you save time, money and energy by creating confidence and building self-assurance