As I look out of my window it is a White-Out. The winter Olympics have started and a fast moving snow storm dropped a blanket of white on the Midwest states. If you are not a winter sports enthusiast, than you are probably dreaming of the sunny south. No matter where your thoughts and dreams take you, the white of winter is still covering most of the U.S. So continue to enjoy this time of hibernation.  Relax indoors, and take comfort in slowing down. The earth is blanketed in the white snow so the land can rest and rejuvenate. The lack of light is not totally lost due to the white of the snow. It adds the brightness that is lacking with the limited hours of sunlight.

White can illuminates our thoughts and bring in new ideas and inspiration. It helps to bring in the quality of “all knowing” and “all seeing, it is the color of perfection, peace and open mindedness. White is the illuminating Chakra Crown. Just as the snow melts into Spring, white illustrates the need to refresh and create a new start, a new chapter or a new intention. It helps to build the mood for something new or good to happen.

How do you respond to the color white? Do you feel innovative and open minded, steadfast and loyal or does white drain your energy and emotions. Too much white can create tension and anxious feelings. It can cause an individual to freeze and not move forward because of the need to accomplish perfection.

White is not a primary color, but contains all the colors of the rainbow spectrum. It represents harmony in the way it blends all these of colors together. It shines brightly and contains a balance of each color trait.

Use white in moderation in your home or office decor to help you see and feel balance and be more broadminded. It opens you up to see all sides of a situation so you can strive for balance and fairness.

Textiles absorb white in different ways, causing the color to brighten or duel. It will also reflect the color around it to brighten or duel that color’s hue. White clothing can be aristocratic and refined. It can also contrast to create a balance in a person’s appearance and draw attention to the individual’s hair, teeth and eyes. The best white will enhance the appearance of health and vitality. The “wrong” white will create an appearance of sickness or ill health that will drain the color of the complexion and add a yellow cast to eyes and teeth.

If you would like to know more about the color white schedule a Personal Color Consultation. The Message of Color can show you how to wear and use the best white to enhance your appearance and personality.