Mother Nature is not cooperating! It has been cool and rainy in the Midwest as we transition into summer. We need to create our own sunshine by surrounding yourselves in the bright vibrant color of yellow because yellow is Nature’s calling card. At this time of year, we crave the warmth and light of the sun. After a cold dark winter and a rainy gray transition into spring we need the bright yellow glow of the sun. Daffodils and baby ducklings burst forward in bright yellow to welcome spring and summer.

Yellow is the best color to generate enthusiasm for life and can awaken greater confidence and optimism. Yellow is used to warm us or just make us smile. It can change a negative unhappy disposition to a cheerful mood and give rise to a fun and happy temperament. The uplifting color of yellow offers hope. It is the sunny outlook that brightens people’s spirits.

No wonder bright yellow rain slickers and shinny yellow boots help to cheer us up on a gloomy rainy day. Yellow apparel has the tendency to create the feeling of eternal summer. Tropical floral designs, golfing trousers and beach towels with bright splashes of yellow bring to mind warm climates and vacation destinations. If yellow is not your fashion choice use yellow to decorate your home or office. Painting walls pale-yellow produces a feeling of warmth and light. A room with few or no windows will feel larger and brighter. Touches of yellow in decorating add light to a dark corners or enhance a feeling of comfort to metal furniture in an office setting. If you are trying to sell a home, plant yellow flowers to attract attention and create that welcoming appearance.

Traditionally yellow is associated with the sun. It is often considered a sacred color in many cultures and religions. It can represent the power of God and is used in numerous religious paintings to portray a halo, the light of eternal life. Historically ancient cultures such as the Egyptians, Greeks and Chinese associated the color yellow with the the power and light of the sun. They believed that the color yellow connected them to the knowledge and influence of the gods. China’s emperors owned “exclusive rights” to wear yellow. The commoners were never allowed to wear it and would be put to death if they dared.

Yellow is the color which resonates with the left or logic side of the brain. It stimulates our cerebral faculties creating mental agility and perception. By looking at a yellow flower or a picture with a yellow focal point the mind can increase the analytical process of logical reasoning and decision-making.  Because yellow promotes mental clarity the use of a yellow legal pad for note taking or a yellow highlighter to mark important information will help recall facts and details more easily. Yellow can help you study, concentrate and focus. It promotes wisdom and academic proficiency and is useful in preparing for test and exams.

The color yellow can help develop and fuel new and creative ideas. It inspires original thought and inquisitiveness.Yellow can also help us find new ways of taking action on projects or applying new concepts to work related activities. A yellow surrounding can help to clarify a mental challenge and pinpoint the decision-making process.

Yellow is a beneficial color when it comes to promoting a leisure product or an entertainment business, particularly those that encourage playful and fun activities.  Incorporate yellow in a printed promotion or sales flyer because yellow is  attention getting. The eyes see yellow first and draws our attention to circumstances that may other wise go unnoticed. It is not a serious color but it will grab your attention and can capture customer’s attention quickly in the market place.

Too much yellow can cause; anxiety, nervousness, apprehension, agitation and confrontation. Most people cannot stay for long periods of time where bright yellow is prominent. Fast food outlets use yellow combined with red to encourage people to eat lots and then move on quickly. Too much yellow in a room can cause irritation and uneasiness. Avoid its use where you are trying to impart a message of stability. Yellow has a tendency to make you more mentally analytical and critical. This includes being self-critical as well as critical of others.

If yellow is your favorite color you may be described as creative, a person who comes up with new ideas, a planner that loves verity, but this may lead to getting into too many projects at one time. You are logical and analytical and have a strong independent streak. Others may view this as being stubborn or arrogant. Let your sunny disposition shine though and override the negative side of your yellow tendencies.   Adding some yellow to your wardrobe and accessories can help you to stand out in a crowd. So don’t be afraid of using the color yellow. It can change your mood, increase your energy and improve your creative thought process. Yellow is more than a color it is a feeling.

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