Individual Services

One-on-One Color Consultation

  • I follow a basic format but each session is unique to the individual customer.
  • A session runs about 2 hours but some may run longer.
  • Consultations may be held at your home, your workplace or at my in-home studio.
  • Additional and /or Independent services may be added to any session.
Personalized Color Blueprint Package

Learn what your individual Essence and Magnetic Color reveal about you.

Essence and Magnetic Colors work together to enhance your physical coloring, build confidence and connect you to your power and authentic self.

Preparing for Your Session

  • 15 minute Q & A conversation via phone or web
  • Your questionnaire, completed and returned to me

Your Personal Analysis and Session

  • 2 hour personalized color analysis and consultation
  • Determining your Essence, Magnetic and Neutral color palette
  • Color and Wardrobe Q&A

Personalized Color Blueprint Packet

Your Personal Color Blueprint
Packet includes

  1. Your personality and custom-signature colors that connect to your Essence and Magnetic colors
  2. Essence and Magnetic color swatches and definitions
  3. Shopping and Mix-and-Match tips
  4. Closet organization and color palette care

Cost $275
2 hour session

Men In Color

Color is NOT for Women Only! Color is necessary for Men, too! The Message of Color uses the same color system to help men find their best personal colors as I do for women. The Message of Color doesn’t discriminate because color energy functions in a similar manner for everyone.

You will learn how to:

  • Incorporate the basics of color into your clothing 
  • Confidently develop the knowledge necessary to match clothes properly 
  • Look your best whether in a suit and tie or jeans and t-shirt 
  • Add a splash of color can to create visual interest to a basic color suit


Men’s Personal Color Blueprint

Packet includes:

  • Your personality and custom-signature colors that connect to your Essence and Magnetic colors
  • Essence and Magnetic color swatches and definitions
  • Shopping and Mix-and-Match tips
  • Closet organization and color palette care

Cost $275.00
2hour session

Additional or Independent Services

Color Closet Sweep

Review and analysis what is hanging in your closet

  • Compare and match the colors from your palette with your existing wardrobe 
  • Learn how to mix and match and add accessories to extend your current wardrobe
  • Develop a core wardrobe based on your existing wardrobe
  • Evaluate your wardrobe needs, wants and what no longer works
  • Wardrobe data and worksheets

Cost $75.00/hour
Most Closet Sweep Sessions take 1 hour.


Creating a Personal Color Brand 

BRANDING is the process of creating a unique business name or image.

  • Create a brand presence that is authentic to your business
  • Find the color and style that creates your unique business profile.
  • Develop a color palette that works with print, paint, fabric and online technology.
  • Customize a look that represents who you are while building your credibility and creating a look professional
  • Stand out from your competition  


Your Personal Color Brand
Package includes:

  • Color Brand and supporting colors
  • 3 to 4 color swatches
  • Color Brand Style Guide
  • Follow-up Questions and Information Review

Cost $175.00
It is recommended that you complete Your Personal Color Blueprint in addition to creating a color brand session. 

Discover Your Divine Colors 

Your Divine Colors are a gift from Spirit that help you navigate your life’s journey. Each one of us is blessed with a Soul and a Life Path Color. Your Soul Color is your purpose for being, the reason you are on this earth and your Life Path Color helps you develop that purpose. Together your Divine Colors align and support you in your life’s journey 


An Individual Divine Color Reading

Using a visualization and meditation technique I will help you discover your own Divine Colors. 

  • A personalized visualization and meditation prepared just for you.
  • Phone, Zoom or personal soul and Life Path discussion.
  • You will receive a written description of your soul and life path colors and color swatches. 

Cost $125.00

*More time can be added to any package for $75.00 per hour.
**Purchase extra Palette Wands, $8.00 each plus shipping and Michigan sales tax (6% on purchase and shipping).

What Our Clients Say

I had the privilege of receiving a "Divine Colors" session from Julietta Brothers. I learned a great deal about myself from this, including some things that I knew at a gut level, but had never heard described in detail. I learned more about my purpose here and how the colors that influence me are present in many aspects of my life. I highly recommend Julietta!
John V
The workshop was very informative.
Loved the affirmation of my colors and learning the meanings of other colors!
There is much more power in color then I knew. Interesting to hear about all the colors, even those I’m not drawn to naturally. Helps me understand other people.
This opened a whole new concept of life and energy. I loved it!