The Power and Energy of Color


John Russell

Light is the only energy we can see and we see it in the form of color, like a rainbow. Light and energy are transferred to the brain through the eye’s retina. Each color has a specific energy or wavelength. Color energies affect us emotionally, physically, and mentally.

The Message of Color is a nonverbal communication tool that will teach you to harness and apply the positive effects of color. Learning how each color influences us, can give us an extra boost of energy and help us prepare for the demands of our daily lives. Every color has a purpose. Color can heat us up or cool us down, stimulate and energize us or create fatigue, and the visual perception of color can improve the taste of food or turn our stomach. Color transforms our senses and temperament.

About YOUR Colors


Your SOUL COLOR surrounds you and protects you. It can influence the physical body too. Color energy/vibration, will help you be more aware of your surroundings and more a-tuned to nature.


Your LIFE COLOR is the color that supports your emotional body and mind. It is the color that will help you meet your “worldly” goals and communicate with the people around you. Career, finances, even finding your mate, can be influenced by your Life Color.


The ESSENCE COLORS mirror your inner truth and wisdom. Each color is unique to you by matching and enhancing your physical coloring. Wearing these colors will provide a balanced vibration and send a message of confidence and style.


The MAGNETIC COLORS that make up your personal palette complement your Essence Colors. When you wear your Magnetic Colors you feel your personal power and connect to your authentic self.


The NEUTRAL COLORS are used to support your unique color palette and increase your color choices. These colors can balance and expand your wardrobe and decor. Combine Neutrals with your personal color palette to support you in all areas of your life.

Your Color Energy definitions are created and copyrighted by Arden Reece Color,